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1.You must first contact a licensed Title V Inspector, who will charge a fee for this service. You may select from the list below of installers and pumpers, or you may contact a septic engineer. Not all pumpers do Title V inspections.

2. The service you choose will contact the Board of Health office at 648-5237 to schedule a time for a member of the BOH to witness the inspection. The fee for this is $100 for each septic system on your property, due and payable at the time of inspection. Checks should be made out to the Town of Bernardston.

And that's how you arrange for a Title V Inspection!

By being listed here, no endorsement by the Board of Health is intended or implied.

Permitted Installers-
Bob Cook, Bernardston, MA
Bob Deane, Bernardston, MA
Daniel Randall, Northfield, MA
Renaissance Excavating, Gill, MA
Tom Leue, Homestead Engineering, Ashfield, MA

Permitted Pumpers-
A-1 Enterprises, Bernardston, MA
Bostley Sanitary Service Inc., Colrain, MA
Greg's Waste Water, South Deerfield, MA
Houghton Sanitary Service, Guilford, VT
North County Septic, Northfield, MA
Dick Powers, Northfield, MA
Superior Septic Services, South Deerfield, MA

Permitted Title V Inspectors-
A-1 Enterprises, Bernardston MA
Kathryn Bridges, Northfield, MA
Bostley Sanitary Service, Inc. Colrain, MA
Gregg’s Waste Water, South Deerfield, MA
Tom Leue, Homestead Engineering, Williamsburg, MA

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