The current edition of the Bernardston Community Newsletter was recently mailed to residents. The deadline for the next issue is August 21st. That issue will cover events that occur this summer and look forward to events that will take place this fall. You are also welcome to report on past events.

Everyone is welcome to submit items of interest regarding Town departments, board and committee activities as well as non-profit organizations and schools.

Items for the next issue can be submitted as email text or as a MS Word attachment. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted. Submissions should be emailed to:

Also, the newsletter has started to accept advertising! By accepting advertising, the newsletter is able to be issued on a quarterly basis. Businesses can now place a business card-sized ad.  It costs $100 for one year (that's $25 per newsletter, with each newsletter reaching every home in Bernardston; being placed at the P.O., Town Hall, and Cushman Library; and being posted here on the town website).  It's a great deal!  If you, or anyone you know, would like to place an ad, please send a JPEG of the card (or material equal to the size of a business card) to the above e-mail address and then send a check for $100 to the Board of Selectmen at the following address:

Town of Bernardston
PO Box 504
Bernardston, MA 01337

Questions, feedback and suggestions can also be emailed to the above address.


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