Cover Only


Part One (1) [pages 1-5]                                                     

Table Contents.                                           

Part Two (2) [pages 6-10]

Foreword, Executive Summary, Introduction & Goals.

Part Three (3) [pages 10-15]                                    

Introduction & Goals, Context.

Part Four (4) [pages 16-21]             

History of Charity Farm Lot, Community/Stakeholder Process.

Part Five (5) [pages 22-47]

Site Analysis Process Overview, Water & Drainage, Geology, Soils,
Vegetation: Cover,
Exotic Invasive Plants, Wildlife & Natural Heritage,
Legal, View-sheds, Access & Circulation,
Summary Analysis.

Part Six (6) [pages 49-55]

Management Scenrios Overview, Charity, Recreation & Conservation,
Firewood & Timber, Natural Course

Part Seven (7) [pages 57-108 The End]

Appendix, Historic Time-Line, Annual Report Balances, Community Input,
Resources, Grants, Wellhead Protection, Soil, Regional Slope Angle,
Amended Forestry Plan, Invasive Planet Management, Exotic Invasives Management,
Exotic Invasives Management Efforts, Forest Management BMPs, Climate Change Trends,
Legal: Survey, Trails: Problem Conditions, Trails: Signs, Trails: Solutions,
Trail Solutions: Wet Areas, References.